Britax Advocate ClickTight Review – New Upgrades, Height Limit and More

Britax Advocate ClickTightConvertible car seat is a must when you are a parent and your children are below age 11 or group of age that still have to be monitored. Protecting him from possible harms requires you to put a lot of attention.

Since you will be driving the car, and he will be seated at the back seat, you must make sure that he is seated safely and comfortably. The britax advocate clickTight has recently been released to market and already catches many attentions. The easiness of its arrangement and many great features will come and help you taking care of the child on the road. So, I asking my best friend, why the britax usa advocate clicktight convertible car seat is the best today?

The britax advocate clicktight can be arranged to two different setups: rear-facing and forward-facing. Each of the setup has its own requirement of height and weight. These requirements are meant to keep the children safe, seated in a convertible seat which is their size.

Therefore, in the rear-facing mode, the weight limit for your child is about 5 to 40 pounds which is similar to the marathon britax, while the height limit is about 27”.

It is also suggested that the head of your child should be below 1” of the top inner shell. It is highly not recommendable to let your child seat in the convertible car seat with 1” over height since this is very dangerous for your child.

The Forward-facing Requirements of Britax Advocate ClickTight

Britax Advocate ClickTight Forward FacingThen, the forward-facing mode is created for children whose weight is 20 to 65 pounds, while the maximum of the height is less than 54”.

It is important for you take this condition seriously, because the height and weight limitation are made for your children’s safety.

The forward-facing position is only allowed when your child is above 4.

Below that, it is recommended to put him in a rear-facing view and to start seating him in a car seat; it can be started since he reaches the age of 1 or 2. This is almost similar to britax boulevard clicktight.

The Installation of Britax Advocate ClickTight and How to Use

The installation of a convertible car seat must have been done properly. There are a few simple steps to install the britax advocate clicktight, the steps are:

  • First, open the clicktight seat and turn it into a rear-facing position (or forward-facing depends on the age of your child).
  • Then, slide the back seat’s seat belt through the slots available in the convertible car seat and connect the belt to its place.
  • Third, you have finished installing!

So, as it is said before that the steps are very easy to follow. With the slots available for seat belt this design is very admirable and said to be better than a latch install.

A latch install is not much of a problem; however it is just not efficient enough for installing a car seat to the back seat of your car.

With the seat belt slots, things have become easier. If this britax advocate clicktight review helps you in knowing more about the car seat, then you should probably get one britax advocate convertible seat anytime soon.

Tips to Get Perfect Skin Naturally

How to get perfect skinHaving a perfect skin becomes the dream of most women. By having a perfect skin automatically it increases their confidence and definitely it attracts men to come. The perfect skin means that your skin is clean, bright, smooth, and free from acne. If you think that the treatment is expensive you are wrong. In this article you will learn how to get perfect skin naturally and definitely you don’t need to spend extra money to do it.

What Foods are good for Your Skin?

Before learning about how to get perfect skin you need to lean about the foods you recently eat. This is because some of your foods are good for skin and some of them are not good to eat. For your information, there are several foods that cause acne and you have to prevent such kind of food if you want to have a perfect skin free from acne. Those foods that cause acne are classified into several types. Seafood, trans-fat, foods contain of omega 6-fatty acid, and food which can easily converted into sugar. To have a perfect skin it is better for you not to eat seafood such as shrimp, lobster, and oyster. One the other hand, you can change it by consuming several foods especially vegetables and fruits.

Tomatoes, mangoes, papaya, sweet potatoes become several foods which is considered as good food for your skin and it hopes that by eating those foods regularly you will have a perfect skin. There are also several other foods which you need to avoid to clear up acne from your skin and to get a perfect skin. In this case, you have to avoid chocolate chip cookies, taco shell, popcorn, and potato chips. The reason why you are not allowed to eat those foods is because it contains of fatty acid. It will be better for you to eat spinach or cocoa powder because it will clear up acne from your skin.

How To Ge Perfect Skin Naturally

Definitely, you don’t need to get confuse about how to get rid of acne because you have been used natural way to clear up it. Moreover, you also need to avoid certain foods bad for acne such as bacon, ham, burger, and pork. The simple reason of avoiding those types of food is because it contains of omega 6-fatty acid. Foods which contain of omega 6-fatty acid are considered as foods not to eat because it makes your hormones unstable. Don’t eat too much bread, cake, candy, French fried, granola, and any kind of sweet foods.

This is concerning to the fact that your body will easily convert those foods into sugar within your body. As the result you will be suffered from acne and even you can also suffered from diabetes. It is okay for you to drink fruit juice but make sure that the juice is made of fresh fruits. You can combine the fruit juice with vegetables. Even, it is better to give more vegetables compared to fruits in your mix fresh juice. From the explanation above you can learn that keep your skin away from acne is simple. Hopefully, by following the tips above you can free from acne and in the end you can have a perfect skin. Stay healthy lovely..

Exercises to Jump Higher

The higher jump is better. This skill will really help the basketball players to make point. It also helps parkour athletes to pass the challenge. Actually, jumping skill is not just about talent. In fact, it can be trained too. There are many exercises to train this skill. You can pick a Vertical Jump Program and do it. These exercises can be so difficult. For this, you will need enough help. Get a trainer can also be a good idea. Trainer will guide you to get the best result. But make sure to find the competent trainer. From them, you can see how to jump higher too. The Jump Manual system uses a method of exercise called plyometrics. I also use a vertical jump program like Jump Manual and it’s work for me.

Before doing any vertical jump training, you need to know this. Jumping only for 4 up to 5 days per week. Do not make any jumping exercise every day. Jumping exercise can be so tiring. If you do it every day, you may give up only in a week or two weeks. At least, do it with discipline and regularly. In fact, you need to do the exercises up to months or years.

Before starting the exercise, make sure to warm up the muscle. Stretch it properly and have a jogging for a few minutes. It will help you to warm your body and conditioning your muscle. If you have jump rope, you can use it too. But make sure to limit it. Do not force too much. Beside it, this is just warming up. After you are ready, you can start to make vertical leap.

Box Jump

Actually, there are many exercises to leap higher. To get the effective result, you need to take several exercises. But if you are looking for the simple workout, you can take a look to this. This workout is only adopts 4 exercises. Those are deadlift, jump squat, box jump and barbell in the morning.

  • You can start the workout from deadlift for 6 up to 8 reps and take a rest for 30 minutes.
  • After finishing it, you can start the next exercise by doing jump squat for 8 reps and take rest for 2 minutes.
  • Repeat these exercises as you like.
  • Next, you can start to get box jump.
  • This exercise can be made for 6 up to 8 reps depending on your need.
  • After you finish it, take a rest for 30 seconds and start the next exercise with barbell.
  • In here, you can get barbell in the morning for 8 reps and take a rest for 2 minutes.

Those exercises must be made regularly. By doing it well and regularly, your average vertical jump will improve. But do it with discipline too. But jumping program cannot be made only in a single move. It takes months even years to improve this skill. This is difficult of course, but you can do it with the strong motivation. To make it more fun, you can do it in the fitness center. Try to get some friend to do this. Having a partner will make the exercise to feel more fun. Beside it, you can get more motivation too.

How to Choose the Best Moving Containers

Portable moving containers are one of the perfect and famous ways to move your households furnishing from some place to another place. But nowadays, many companies have created their variety of containers from the standard container to contain the storage to something bigger which is a container with three different sizes.

The increase in the selection of the size will make these moving containers easier to accommodate your move, but you have to know exactly the size of your moving containers which is the main important thing to keep you moving budget low. These are a couple of guidelines that you have to consider about the size of moving containers that can hold your move. And if you want to use same day interstate courier services, you have to find a good company that can handle your needs.


The range materials of storage containers

First of all, you have to understand that these storage containers not only have different sizes but also they are created of different materials too, before you choose the size of your moving containers. There are a couple of ranges of materials of storage containers such as steel, aluminum, plastic and wood.

The weight that can be handled by the containers can sometimes be different, while these storage containers may be came with different sizes. For reason, the size of standard storage container of 8’ x 7’ x 7’ which is made from wood can take up to 2,500 pounds of storages, while the container in the same size which is made from steel and aluminum can hold up to 5,000 pounds. However, storage containers which are made from steel components or containers can take even loads that are heavier that the standard size containers can handle.

The dimensions and capacities of storage container

There are a couple of big names of moving container companies, such as Cargo Master, u-Pack and etc which are providing portable moving containers just in one size. These companies claim that the moving containers in the standard size are good enough to handle furnishings and households storages.
These are the explanation about the moving containers with the standard size you have to consider:

  1. You need to require two moving storage containers in case to move an apartment.
  2. Three moving storage containers are required to move a two up to three bedroom house.
  3. Four moving storage containers are required for moving a three up to four bedroom house.
  4. You have to prepare five moving storage container if you want to move a house with five bedrooms or more.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

How To Get Rid Of CelluliteCellulite is a common body issue that plagues women of all ages, from all walks of life. Men can sometimes suffer from this problem, but the most common sufferers are indeed women. Before you learn how to get rid of cellulite, it helps to understand exactly what cellulite is.

Cellulite is caused by expanding fat tissues that stretch and protrude through fibrous connective tissue, leading to a dimpled appearance that many describe as looking like an orange peel or cottage cheese. This lumpy fat most often appears on the thighs, buttocks and hips but can occur in other areas. It’s not just a problem for those who are overweight, either. Even women with perfectly thin, fit bodies can have cellulite.

Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

While no one is completely certain why cellulite forms, there are lots of theories. It’s thought that certain people are genetically predisposed to the problem. Other theories include diet, lack of exercise, poor circulation, too much caffeine, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Aging is another potential cause, because the skin thins and weakens as we age. Although girls as young as 14 or so can develop cellulite, it is usually found in adult women who are around 30 years of age or older. My sister suggest me to use venus factor and it seen the results. Venus factor is diet system for woman and diet is best solution for remove cellulite.
Cellulite Exercises
Eliminating cellulite can be difficult. Some doctors will tell you that it’s impossible to completely remove cellulite. However, there are ways to reduce the appearance and likelihood of this problem. One way is with a good diet and exercise program. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol, do not smoke, and work out on a regular basis. To enhance the results of your diet and exercise plan, try applying some topical cellulite cream to smooth the skin and help improve its appearance.

Home Remedies in Getting Rid of Cellulite

You may be wondering how to get rid of cellulite with cosmetic surgery. There are several options. One of the safest and least invasive is Endermologie, which uses a combination of pressure and suction. The results are not permanent, however, and the procedure must be repeated. Some cosmetic surgeons claim to eliminate cellulite via laser light. Others claim that the most effective cosmetic surgery procedure for the elimination of this problem is liposuction. Just read the venus factor reviews 2015 and get the best result.

Whether or not to have cosmetic surgery for cellulite is a decision that is highly personal to every woman. When considering treatment options, always go for something you feel comfortable with.

Healing Various Types of Back Pain with the Right Mattress

In order to lead upper back pain relief or nay type of back pain at all it is crucial to understand the causes of this particular symptom. For those who work long hours throughout the day and night, it is very common to go through back pain. But at one point it can become too much and a remedy must be implemented.

Back pain can lead to many restless nights, it often makes you wake up in the morning like you had no sleep at all and worse it can lead to a very bad mood that keeps you unproductive at work. You need to do some research about mattress reviews.

Best Mattress

The main causes of upper back pain range as the following:

  • Muscular irritation can be triggered by strains that result after intensive exercise as well as accidents or injuries. The former is most likely to happen in the case of repetitive motions after a long time not performing exercise.
  • Joint dysfunction is another trigger of upper back pain. There are two joints that connect with each other on each side of the spine. In the case of a joint dysfunction, an extreme wave of pain can occur and will require delicate treatment to bring them back together.

Causes of the left and right back pain

The left back pain is often found rather low on the back area. This type of pain is uniquely often felt by those who are left-handed as the left part of the body is used more than the right part. However, this type of back pain is not limited to left-handed writers only. They can too happen to the right-handed as well but are caused by wrong twisting or sleeping positions.

On an extreme level the following are also things not to rule out when analyzing the lower left back pain. Patients with kidney malfunction, hernia, Sciatica and lumbar strain often show early symptoms of lower left back pain along with other symptoms.

Immediately see your doctor if you are seeing other signs. Different to the left back pain, the right back pain is more commonly felt.

Memory Foam Mattress

Types of mattresses to help you

The best mattress for upper back pain will vary on the type of back pain that you suffer from. Lucky for you, always use the best memory foam mattress is inclusive to all types of back pain. As well as designed for optimal comfort, the mattress is also a remedy for those in pain.

The plant-based memory foam mattress ranks the highest in popularity among the three types of mattresses. As the name suggests, it is based on non-petroleum ingredients hence making them safer for your health in the long run.

If you are looking for something as simple as heightened comfort, the standard memory foam mattress allows perfect contouring. It also blocks the motion of movement from the other side of the bed and most of all, it effectively relieves pressure point.

This prolongs your sleep every day making it an extremely quality rest. Alongside the standard mattress is the gel-infused mattress that allows a cooling feature to make your sleep overheated.

How to Detox Sugar in Your Body

Detoxing Your Body from SugarThe hardest part of detoxification is not on the non-solid food menu, but it’s more on the non sugar and salt rule. Sadly but true, most of us gets addicted to these two flavoring without ever noticing it.

Well, it’s something understandable since we’ve put flavoring into our meals and drink every day and this has started ever since we were kids. You can make a cup of coffee or tea and naturally you add one or two teaspoons of sugar into it.

When you are cooking, it’s also natural to sprinkle some salt into the pan. When you jump into detoxification plan, it all has to stopped. Of course, sugar diet diet plan will be a drastic change in your life and also leptin diet.

Making a fresh start of sugarless and saltless eating habit is like a total change in your eating habit. After all, it’s for your own health. Although you only add a pinch of sugar on your meals or drink, it can slowly damage your body.

Sugar addiction is something that you need to think thoroughly. There are numerous diseases that you can get only from this sugar addiction. Making a total change in your eating habit to be free from sugar is the only way to prevent yourself from getting those diseases and live healthier.

Making Plans for Body Detoxification

Before you start your detoxification, there are several preparations that you have to make. First is to make your body detox plan. It consist of several things, such as making daily menu plan, cleaning your house from junk food and unhealthy food, and stuffing your refrigerator with fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits only. As you will indulge in natural detox diet, you will only have raw and fresh vegetables and fruits on your plate.

Salt and sugar won’t be added on your menu, allowing you to have the real taste of those fresh vegetables and sugar. It may sound hard and harsh. You will find yourself craving for different food during the first days. In fact, you may suffer from runny and clogged nose in this period. It’s a normal reaction of your body to the change of your eating habit.

Raw Food Detox for Effective Result

Most people get wrong about Leptin diet, How to detox your body to be free from sugar and salt? Based on information from source the only way is to be strict to yourself and follow the detox diet plan. The menu that you have will consist only of fresh and raw vegetables and fruits.

At first, it may feel like a living hell, but slowly your body will get adjusted to the change. You will be able to taste the natural flavor of vegetables on your raw food detox diet. Carrot and beet will be the source of sweet taste on your menu, while other vegetables also give different flavors.

Between your meal time, you will have to drink lots of water and fresh fruit juice. If you have sweet tooth and crave for some sweet taste, juice detox diet is the best substitute for sugar. Those fruits give refreshing sour sweet taste that can help you with your craving, yet it’s all natural flavor that makes it healthier for your body.

Home Acne Scars Remedies

Acne and pimple is the problem which is commonly found by many people on their skin. There is a time when human being has hormonal change which makes them have to get involved with acne problem but of course acne is not the only matter which they have to face because acne scars problem can be more troublesome for people’s appearance as well as confidence. People are wondering whether there are home remedies for acne scars which can help them get their confidence as well as the best appearance back. There is simpler and instant method for covering this problem such as plastic surgery, but people choose home remedies because the risk as well as the money needed is lower.

How to Use Home Remedies for Acne Scars

How to get rid of acne scarsPeople can assure that acne scars can be bigger problem which they have to cover than the acne itself. There is no question that people will only need to wait for some days until the pimples go for example and they can use toothpaste if they want to get rid of pimple within overnight only. People can try to keep their face clean as often as possible so they do not have to get involved with pimple anymore. However, people should be really patient with the acne scars because it will take very long time until people can find it is gone from their face forever and this waiting time can be very frustrating moment because their appearance will be disturbed by the scar.

It is true that the scar can be covered by makeup for example but they cannot do the makeup for all the time. Although plastic surgery offers the instant method for removing the scar, home remedies are chosen because it is safer for their health as well as their money. People should know that the basic thing for removing scar is removing the damaged skin layer gently and nurturing the skin using the foods which can support the collagen and build moisture so the skin can repair itself quickly. The ingredients for these home remedies for acne scars can be found in the kitchen after all.

How to Treat Acne Scars with Natural Home Remedies

The very first home remedies for acne scars which people can apply is by using lemon and this is actually will be very good for the scars which have dark tone. The lemon juice will be really helpful for lightening its color. People should clean their face with the juice and use a teaspoon of the juice for dabbing the cotton ball. It should be applied on the acne marks for about ten minutes and then rinse it.

The next method people can do with the home remedies is by applying soda on their skin because it can be used as mini treatment of micro dermabrasion since soda will exfoliate the skin. The baking soda should be mixed with the filtered water. After the micro dermabrasion step on the acne scars, people should use olive oil for moistening and softening skin. Food and water is the food needed to support the moisture as well as collagen for the skin repair. The last key of this method is consistency since the scar will not go away instantly. Always keep your skin health.

Causes of Severe Lower Abdominal Pain

Not many have severe lower abdominal pain. But if you are having this pain, it is time to look for medical examiner to consult with. The pain can range from food poisoning to cancer. Do not take the pain easy since it might need serious treatment due to the pain. But if you insist to stay at home or wherever you are when having this pain, be sure to keep the symptoms noted and analyze it. Two things you should keep in mind are how the pain starts and where the pain first felt.

Severe Lower Abdominal Pain for Women

It is something in general to always check the severity of severe lower abdominal pain and the history of it. For women, there are some severe lower abdominal pain cases that need to be treated as soon as the pain emerges. Ovarium cyst is one of them. Some women has ovarium cyst in their ovarium. It is not something dangerous since the cyst can get by itself when laboring time. But the thing that must take into consideration is if the cyst grew bigger. If this happen, then the worry is changing, whether the cyst is rupture which can cause internal bleeding. Other than the ovarium cyst, there is also ectopic pregnancy.

For women who is longing for pregnancy, the stop of menstruation period is something they have wait. When pregnancy does happen, they will hurriedly get pregnancy test. It would be a great joy to find that they actually pregnant. But when in the early month of pregnancy they having severe lower abdominal pain, continue with vaginal bleeding, it is time to consult to the doctor. There are chances that the pregnancy is not real or ectopic pregnancy. It means the pregnancy occur outside the ovarium, most likely at the fallopian tube. This pregnancy cannot be continue and have to immediately expelled since it will cause heavy bleeding in abdomen area if t continue bigger and rupture the place where it grew.

Another Severe Lower Abdominal Pain

Severe Lower Abdominal PainSevere lower abdominal pain not only occurs to women. It can happen to man also. One disease that you must worry about is Crohn’s disease. This pain occurs after eating. If your parents have this disease, then it is more likely you and your sibling to have it, since this disease is hereditary and mostly diagnosed in childhood time. Before or after the severe lower abdominal pain happen, usually this disease has some other symptoms such as fatigue, anal itching, mouth ulcers, and mucus or sometimes blood in the passage of stool.

If the pain in the lower abdominal steadily increases into severe lower abdominal pain, and if you touch the area gently it already causing severe pain and often follow with vomiting and nausea, is more likely you have Hernia complications. But when the severe pain accompany by appetite change, bowel changer and fever, maybe you have appendicitis. This disease is dangerous since ruptured appendix can cause your life.

All those cases that happen need immediate action. If you still able to stand and walk, it is better to go to doctor or hospital soon after there is blood coming out of other part of your body. But if the pain makes you cannot walk, so it is best to call 911 for severe lower abdominal pain immediate action of medic. Do not wait until it is too late. The longer severe lower abdominal pain take into care, the more damages can be made for late respond. Keep on the latest health news updates here.

Baby Grinding Teeth: Does it Sign Something?

Baby grinding teeth seems like the most common problem experienced by countless parents out there. Your baby might start to make a sound with their teeth and you do not even know why they do such thing. If your babies come to grind their teeth, you do not have to be panic. Grinding teeth or scientifically called as bruxism is quite common among babies. Babies usually start to grind their teeth around 8-12 months. No experts know the exact reason why babies grind their teeth. However, some of them speculated that grinding teeth helps relieve the pain of their gums. Therefore, create a cozy atmosphere when the baby is sleeping, I usually use britax marathon car seat to ease in travel.

Almost all babies grow with their unexpected habit. Some of them may move around in the cribs during their sleep, some of them may waves their hands. But, if your babies start to grind their teeth while sleeping, you better check out the further causes why your baby grinds teeth. Although some experts admit that they do not know the exact reason why they grind their teeth, there are some possibilities come along with this. The experts believe that baby grinding teeth to soothe the sore of their gums. Teething can be an uncomfortable stage for babies. Thus, they try to relieve the discomfort of their gum by grinding their teeth. Some others believe that bruxism may help babies ease the discomfort of earache, while the rest of them say that babies attempt to align their top and bottom teeth.

Baby grinding teeth

The Effects of Baby Grinding Teeth

Children who grind their teeth may reduce the size of their teeth. Grinding teeth may also cause jaw muscle pain for children and adults. But, you do not have to worry when your babies grinding teeth. There are no harmful risks for babies when they are grinding their teeth. Unlike children and adults who probably risk health problem, it does not give such effects for babies. However, when your baby starts to grind their teeth more often than before, you better be careful. Too much bruxism may cause headaches as well as earaches. It sometimes can be annoying to hear those grinding sound often.

How to Deal with Baby Grinding Teeth

If you want to reduce the frequency of the bruxism of your babies, you can do these tips. Atmosphere of comfort becomes an important factor baby grinding teeth. Babies grind their teeth as they feel discomfort in their teeth and gums. Grinding teeth is believed to be able to soothe their discomfort. To help them deal with their bruxism, you can give some cold teething toys. Let them bite and chew the toys to relieve the discomfort. The chilled toys help them get rid of the painful gums. If their bruxism is caused by earache, you can give them antibiotics. If you cannot ensure the causes of bruxism, you may consult the doctor. In short, bruxism or grinding teeth is quite normal among babies. It is kind of natural habit which is done by almost all babies. Baby grinding teeth is not a big problem, yet you should keep your eyes on them.

Knee Pain Relief: What You Need to Know

Knee PainWhenever there’s knee pain, there should always be knee pain relief. Knee pain already becomes common knowledge in the society. The reason of this is because most people can have this problem, rather than just serious athlete. This problem also occurs because of the mass amount of obese people. To obese people, they didn’t have to exercise more to have knee pain. Their knee already stressed out because of the weight.

First Treatment to Knee Pain Relief

If the pain already occurs on the knee, immediate knee pain relief is needed. Sometimes the pain also followed by swelling. The first knee pain relief treatment is to RICE, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate the knee. Resting your knee after the pain is a must, so the pain will not continue. After that, give ice that covers with cloth to your swell 3 times a day or more. Compression or bandaging the sore knee will help; just do not wrap it too tight. Elevating the knee and put a pillow below it to help minimize swelling, the knee has to be above the heart level.

Maximizing Knee Pain Relief

For an obese it is important to lose weight, since overweight more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and decreasing muscle strength. Combining your food is important for knee pain relief dieting. Choose to eat fish with high omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, halibut, mackerel rather than red meat or even French fries. Aside from that, try to maximize your fruit and vegetables consumption since it riches in vitamins, minerals and fibers that suitable for knee pain relief, especially those contain vitamin C and D. Try input red grapes, cranberries, blueberries, and citrus to your daily dieting food. Remember to always consult your needed of diet to your doctor to maintain a good health and not to be over dieting.

Buying equipment as knee pain relief investment is a good saving. It is wise to limiting high heels using since high heel shoes may lead to calf muscle tightness which can lead to knee pain. Buy sassy shoes for your daily work and mix the use with your high heels. It will not hurt to invest good shoes to compromise your need of movement. People also need to change their shoes when it is already worn out. For an athlete, it is important to choose specific kind of shoes that match your sport since every sport movement sometimes different with the other one. That step can help your knee pain relief.

Knee Pain

Stretching and Mixing Exercise for Knee Pain Relief

Care for stretching and warm up before conducting exercise. Using a very simple tools-and sometime tool-less- can be a key to knee pain relief. Lying on your back and perform knee bending, hold it for 5-10 minutes, repeat it 8 times. When you’re standing, put one foot out in front of you with toes up; bend the other knee until you can feel the muscle at the back of your feet stretched. Hold it for 5-10 minutes, repeat it also 8 times.

Mixing exercise between your sports is also essential. Bike is a good way to start. Not a heavy biking, but a slow and easy one, since biking can made knee movement more elastic. Other sport is better to do at water. Water is one good element to release knee stress. Rather than jog in a concrete base, it is better to jog in the water. Swimming and water aerobics is also suggested able since the movement that you made inside the water not only will strengthen your knee but also releasing the stress and in the same time give knee pain relief.